Hugh Leishman

Turned and Carved Wood


This picture was taken at a friends house who was taking part in Bradford Open Studios in June 2012.I was showing my work at her house and I really like how my work looks in this image. I feel it captures the spirit of how I like my work to be displayed The central idea behind my work has always been that it is designed to be handled and used. The table is covered by a natural, undyed Linen tablecloth- and the objects are allowed enough space to be themselves. The appeal of my work is both visual and tactile and I hope people feel relaxed enough to touch the objects. The view from the window adds a lovely element to the image.

  • Description:  The View from the Window
  • Wood:  Assorted British hardwoods
  • Info:   Display
  • Date:  June 2012

The view from the window
The View from our Window is a contrast to the previous image. The bowls are in the process of being finished, they have been oiled with tung oil and are placed on a sheet of hardboard and left to dry in the sunshine on our sitting room window sill. They are being prepared for the Yorkshire Sculpture Park Shop.
The view from our hall - peels hanging around and ready to be boxed up for the YSP.